Want To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business Here's How

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30 Resources and Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Business | pamorama
These 30 resources and tips will help businesses get started with Pinterest and use it for marketing and branding.

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  • How You Could Get Sued For Using Pinterest ► The Boston Business Journal stopped using Pinterest one day after setting up its account after realizing it could be sued for images it uploaded to the site.


    Web editor Galen Moore started playing around with the rapidly-growing social network on Thursday as a possible way to share the visual images that the Boston Business Journal uses in its coverage of real estate development: things like blueprints, artists conceptions and photos. But by Friday afternoon he had pulled the content after taking a careful read of Pinterest's user agreement and finding out the company reserves the right to sell images users upload.

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    Lawrence- very interesting article. Never thought about that.

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