Why NFC Coming To iPhone and iOS Is Good For Everyone

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Up until now NFC (Near-Field Communication) was mostly used in the mobile space by non-iOS devices and hasn’t been as widely adopted as many had hoped.

With rumors of NFC coming as a feature in the new iPhone 6, we’ll see NFC finally take hold and become a standard. In the end, NFC coming to the iPhone and iOS is good for everyone.

I’ve been an Android user for a while now and love the idea of NFC for marketing and for convenience. By just tapping your phone to a small tag one can automate a number of functions and features.

Some features that will be simpler with NFC:

  • Turning on/off GPS
  • Turning on/off WiFi
  • Tap-to-pay (With Google Wallet or any other NFC enabled mobile payment system)
  • Checking in to a location on a network like Swarm/Foursquare
  • Tap a movie poster to be taken to a movie trailer

The uses for NFC are endless.

Have you tried NFC? What do you think? Will it be useful?

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My Thoughts On Steve Jobs And His Legacy Project

The New Apple Complex

I have to admit that even though I’m not the hugest fan of Apple and mostly because of Steve Jobs but I have to admit he is a visionary.

His plans for the new Apple campus is really his legacy.

It’s really sad to slowly go. He IS Apple.

An Apple Flying Saucer

Jobs’ vision of a new complex looks like a doughnut spaceship. He wants to put 12,000 people in this building. Jobs wants to put most of the parking underground and replant the former Apricot orchard. The current plot of land is only  20% landscaping. The rest of the lot is either buildings and huge parking lots. Apple wants to to transform space so that it’s 80% landscaping. Apple is also going to build their own power plant, possibly fueled by natural gas or something green. The municipal power grid will only be used as a backup.

Pretty neat if you ask me. Very Apple.

Here’s the video:

My Take on Quora

There’s this new Social Media platform called Quora where people share their knowledge.

The format is simple. Users ask questions and answer them. The best answers are voted up and down based on popularity and relevance.

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My Blackberry Won’t Work

So the good old British are sure a funny lot. Take a look at this video:
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Going Off The Grid… Is It Still Possible?

In Lifehacker author Kevin Purdy asked the readers how they go off the grid. It’s interesting to read what everyone wrote. Purdy included a video that really portrays how our lives have become in this Internet era. Check it out.

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Bionic Exoskeleton Allows Paralyzed To Once Again Walk [Video]

I just found this at Cali Lewis’ Geekbeat.tv site. It’s about an exoskeleton, called eLegs,  that allows people who are paralyzed to once again walk. This is amazing technology that shows that no longer are we restricted by our limitations. This is absolutely incredible.
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Unlock your door with a secret knock

Hat tip to Bitrebels for this video. As a kid, I always wanted to have a secret hideaway where you could only get in by a secret knock. Now back then this was only a fantasy, but now it’s reality.

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Why I’m Not Too Intrigued By The iPad

Why I'm not sold on the iPadAs you can tell from the title of this post. I’m not an Apple fan-boy, but I’m not an Apple hater either. In previous posts and comments across the Web I have been very clear that I think Apple makes great products.

This is what I don’t like about the iPad and Apple. First off, the closed nature of the iPad definitely bugs me. I’m an ardent supporter of open standards. And Steve Jobs has made it clear as day that his new products will be locked down more that Alcatraz.

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Journalism is not Publishing and Publishing is not Journalism

Chris Brogan has a great post over at his blog where he makes a very important point about the differences between Journalism and Publishing:
Old time Citizen Kane journalism is dead

First, let’s be clear: the pursuits of journalism and the pursuits of publishing aren’t the same.

Journalists seek to create compelling information that is helpful and news-worthy.

Publishing seeks to push more product, deliver higher circulation value, and create more value for sponsors/advertisers/money-holders.

Publishers need content creators of some stripe to do what they do. Journalists don’t need publishers, but publishers pay, so that’s a decent place to connect with an audience and be paid.

But never confuse the two.

Chris is RIGHT. There are the journalists/content producers and then there are publishers. Part of why newspapers continue a downward spiral to extinction is that the PUBLISHERS are still trying to stick to their old models of revenue and not adapting. They are getting rid of the journalists instead of reshaping their business plans.

Will journalism ever die?

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Leo Laporte says Net-books are saving the Windows OS – Not true

I still stand by my statement that I’m a huge fan of Leo Laporte of TWiT.tv fame. I think his shows are great and in general Leo’s absolutely amazing. But in my recent blog post on my corporate blog, I needed to give a retort to Leo’s anti-SEO comments he made on his This Week in Google Show. I have gotten good feedback on the post and I hope Leo knows that there is nothing hostile about my posts, I just want to set the record straight.

Now, I hate to be a knit-picker, but on MacBreak Weekly this week Leo made a quick statement stating that net-books are the only reason Windows is still around. That is just not true. Microsoft Windows is still a dominant player in the operating system market and still has the majority stake in the cross section of operating systems. I was shocked when Leo, who is known to be a Mac and Windows user, said such a thing. The business almost exclusively runs on Windows (well not so much the design world) and many PC users are on Windows.

I’m really just perplexed by these statements Leo’s been making on his shows and needed to vent. With Windows 7 coming out, the operating system is far from gone.

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