Leo Laporte says Net-books are saving the Windows OS – Not true

I still stand by my statement that I’m a huge fan of Leo Laporte of TWiT.tv fame. I think his shows are great and in general Leo’s absolutely amazing. But in my recent blog post on my corporate blog, I needed to give a retort to Leo’s anti-SEO comments he made on his This Week in Google Show. I have gotten good feedback on the post and I hope Leo knows that there is nothing hostile about my posts, I just want to set the record straight.

Now, I hate to be a knit-picker, but on MacBreak Weekly this week Leo made a quick statement stating that net-books are the only reason Windows is still around. That is just not true. Microsoft Windows is still a dominant player in the operating system market and still has the majority stake in the cross section of operating systems. I was shocked when Leo, who is known to be a Mac and Windows user, said such a thing. The business almost exclusively runs on Windows (well not so much the design world) and many PC users are on Windows.

I’m really just perplexed by these statements Leo’s been making on his shows and needed to vent. With Windows 7 coming out, the operating system is far from gone.

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