Amazon’s MP3 Store Rocks With The Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud PlayerSo I haven’t written on the blog for a while. Life’s been busy, to say the least. A few weeks ago Amazon released it’s CloudDrive and Cloud Music Player. And I have to say that I’m impressed, both by the technology, the ease of use, and the guts Amazon has to not ask for permission from the record labels.

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TWiT – “This Week in” brand seems to be all over the place.

Update: Jason Calacanis contacted me via Facebook today to tell me that there are plans to have be the place where all the shows are cataloged. Thanks Jason!

So for those who know me, know I’m a huge fan of Leo Laporte and the TWiT Network. Leo Laporte, a TechTV alumnus, Tech Guy radio show host, and the man behind the vision that is TWiT, is an amazing guy. He’s created such a brand for himself and all those involved.

On his main site he streams his shows live as well as providing audio and sometimes video of the shows. Now if you don’t watch the live stream, you might never know how big this brand actually is. But it’s actually much larger than what is seen by those who just go to the TWiT homepage.

There are 3 main players, or maybe even more, involved with the production these shows. Leo is the main one, of course. Then there is Jason Calacanis, of Weblogs, Inc. and fame, and Alex Lindsay of the Pixel Corps, a merry band of media guildsmen.

With just these three, there are at least three or more sites with different programming on it. Leo runs, Jason runs (and he has This Week in Youtube on Youtube), and Alex runs a few shows over at

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