In Search of the Perfect Address Book

Okay I can just imagine the yells and screams of people yelling out their favorite apps for doing this function, but before you post your ideas in the comments or contact me any number of different ways let me explain what I need exactly.

I’ve been finding that lately that both my wife and myself have had to go into our Wedding Excel invite list to get family phone numbers and addresses. Besides being in Excel, it’s not the most accessible from anywhere by both of us. In addition, I want to be able to have categories so certain contacts go in certain areas. Now the first app to come to mind is Google Contacts. But there is a problem with that. I want both my wife and myself to be able to access the account and I’d really like it on my own server. So judging by the last statement, I want it online and Open Source is almost a must. Also FREE would be optimal.

Now that I’ve given everyone the gist of what I’m looking for? Any ideas?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Seth, I'm trying to solve this problem right now. If you check out, you will see some of what conXt is trying to accomplish. No…its not everything in YOUR perfect address book, but it does cover a lot of it, with more features to come as feedback determines. I hope you don't mind my response. I have been very frustrated with address book for many of the same reasons which is why I even created the conXt address book. It IS free, online, private, and allows you to organize your contacts into Groups and view them as such. It also allows you to 'link' or 'conXt' with your contacts (like plaxo) but conXt give you very granular control of what you share with whom.

    Anyway, sorry for the mouthful. This is a problem I am trying to solve and I hope you and anyone else that is interested in the 'perfect' address book will join me in trying to solve it!

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