I Nee Vouches On Connect.Me

Hey everyone. Have you heard of Connect.Me? It looks to be a really neat network.

If you know me can you vouch for me?



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  • Doug Alder says:

    Vouched for you now need the same in return :)

  • Brad Acker says:

    +Seth Goldstein, i haven't heard of it — or maybe i have in requests like this and forgot, haha. I tried clicking on one of the category boxes but i guess that i must register first.

    What's the purpose of it? I didn't see any About section.

    Isn't a Klout Score, PlusClout, PeerIndex, MyCareerWeb, or IdentifiedScore more significant? Is Connect.Me categories like topics and +Ks on Klout?

    (BTW, you may want to add a "D" to NEE above. I love Google+ for allowing typo edits like that and i have no idea what's taking Facebook so long to implement the same feature.)

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