New Shows Coming to the Netcast Network

We have some new shows coming to the network. Autism Tech and the Intergalactic Mobile OS Podcast. Be sure to signup for our newsletter at to get the latest news about what's going on at the network.


In Album 2015-02-07

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The New Justice Center (Bucks County, PA)

This is the new justice center/court house in Doylestown, PA. A very neat building.


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Fonthill, Doylestown, PA

This is an older photo that I took (last year or the year before) of Fonthill. It's a castle we have in Doylestown. Very cool place.


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So True

Originally shared by +Jay Baer


Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social


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GMO Insects?

Yes the plan is to fight viral deceases, but what could go wrong? Oh I don't know, the spread of these deceases instead and a host of other nasty things. I'm not saying that this might work well, but releasing mutants into the wild didn't do such a great job with GMO food, now did it?

Millions of GMO Insects Could Be Released in Florida Keys
Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases. Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S….

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David Cameron's Pledge Against Encryption Is Crazy And Dangerous

David Cameron's Pledge Against Encryption Is Crazy And Dangerous.

Secret US cybersecurity report: encryption vital to protect private data | US news | The Guardian

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An interview with +Amy Schmittauer of +Savvy Sexy Social

Hey all I was very fortunate to get to interview Amy for The Interview Show. I'd love it if you'd have a listen:


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The US Hacked North Korea First. Are We Surprised? No

Why would we be surprised, of course the US is actively working to hack other countries to get an upper hand.

U.S. Hacked North Korea Before North Korea Hacked U.S.
Ever wonder why President Obama so quickly and sure-footedly accused North Korea of hacking into Sony servers? Turns out, the United States had actually..

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Google Translate, with Word Lens, Is Helpful

I often have the need to say something in an other language. Mostly Spanish. Instead of bumbling around with English, Google Translate allows for easier communication in both languages.

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Reaching Out About

As many of you know, I've started a podcast network called Netcast Network. It's about 4 months old and getting traction (slowly). I'd love it if you would all go to the Google+ page and circle it so you can get the updates of when new shows are published.

So what shows are there? I'm glad you asked. We have quite a few to start with and many more coming online soon.

We have the Social Media Addicts podcast, which is about the latest news in the Social Media realm.

Rants and Rambles, which is more of a video blog for me, but I hope people find it interesting.

The Interview Show, which has become a really popular podcast where I interview Philadelphia entrepreneurs in the Tech and interactive space with a few guests from outside Philly sprinkled in for variety.

Philly Drone Tech is all about drones.

Those are what we have right now, we have a show about Technology and the special needs community coming online in February called Autism Tech. Also (hopefully in February, I will be doing a show on Mobile with +Howard Yermish, which should be a neat show.

So please reach out to me to let me know what you think of the shows thus far and please follow us across social media.

Thanks so much.


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